Why Hire a Caregiver?

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Why Hire a Caregiver?

There are many reasons to hire a caregiver, here are 4 of them.

1. You live alone and are unable to do everything you used to do. Running errands and going to doctor’s appointments have become more cumbersome and takes you longer than before.

2. Your daughter or son is worried that you’re alone too much, and wishes you had more companionship. Or you feel depressed that you’re not active in enough activities. Many of your long time friends either have moved away or have passed away.

3. Your family lives far away and you don’t want to be a burden. There are household tasks that need to be done, that are just too difficult for you to do safely, i.e. change the light bulb on the ceiling or lift a case of water out of the care.

4. You are not eating as well as you used to. Your meals consist of nothing more than frozen entrees or skipped meals.

Consider hiring a caregiver/personal care assistant for several shifts throughout the week. Call or email InTouch Home Care to discuss your needs. We’re flexible and work with your schedule! Call us at 408 650 7110 or email directly to Kelly@InTouchhc.com or call Kelly on her cell at 650 350 0143.

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